"Be Different: That's what Shannon Watters aims to do in her dance performance at Plano's Courtyard Theatre, called just be."

"just be." Review by Manny Mendoza - Dallas Morning News & TheaterJones

  • "The close proximity of performers touching and talking to spectators kept both groups on their toes, focused and in the moment. It turned out that sensory overload can rivet attention rather than distract it, demystifying and personalizing the experience."

  • "Rather than controlling the audience, Watters demanded its attention, knowingly questioning the usual standoffish relationship between performer and viewer."

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"Allen choreographer presents interactive performance in Plano

"just be." Article by Kelley Chambers - Arts & Entertainment Editor of Star Local Media

  • "Shannon Watters is an instructor at Academy of Dance Arts in Allen. For the past two years, she has been working towards her Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and, on March 8, Watters will unveil her findings at “Just Be,” an interactive performance to be held at the Courtyard Theater in Plano."
  • "The thing with the stage is that you have lights that almost blind you to who’s in front of you. This became such a huge part of what my focus was – how can we be ourselves in front of others. How can we interact and share a moment in the present with the audience [instead of having] a wall of light creating that barrier."
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What People Are Saying About Shannon & Her Work

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders after Technique Class 

Courtni Shea ‏@DCC_Courtni Mar 25 @shannondwatters thank YOU for sharing your knowledge and artistry with us! It was a great class!!

Brittney Schram ‏@DCC_Brittney  Mar 25 "To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength" -Thanks @shannondwatters for a great class tonight! #stretch #dance #feel

Ashley Nicole @DCC_AshleyN  Mar 25 Thanks @shannondwatters for such a great class and the perfect words for thought! "To make yourself vulnerable, is to show your strength"

Jennifer Kathryne ‏@DCC_JenniferK  Mar 25 @shannondwatters thanks for a great class last night! Was that combo to Olafur Arnalds work? I might be addicted to him.... #favcomposer Loved the combo last night! Brilliance :)

About "just be."

"A huge thank you to Shannon Watters for an amazing learning experience--and an amazing show. Certainly one of the most challenging, terrifying, and enjoyable things I've done." --- Chad Geiger

"Still on a high from last nights performance's... I felt back at home putting my entire heart on that stage and couldn't be more blessed to have shared it with all of my students, friends, & family. I'm 100% spoiled to have learned this way of just being with KendraChad, & Grace and couldn't have imagined doing this with anyone else. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. Shannon... I really have no words for you, but I love you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting in me with your creation and making feel whole again!" --- Audrey Mitts

"I was so moved by tonight's show. The choreography, the music, the dancer interaction, the intense eye contact from the dancers; just beautiful! An absolutely amazing experience that brought tears to my eyes more than once. Congratulations Shannon Watters on such a wonderful and emotional experience! — at "just be."  ---- Katie Ray

"So incredibly moved. I am forever changed by tonight's experience! Thank you for your vision, your heart, your passion! And Gracyn said it was the most incredible dance experience she has had to date!" --- Carlina Womeldorph

"What an experience. So blessed I got to be in 'just be.' These moments make me cherish dance and love it so much more. ❤️" --- Lucy Cole

"So those of you that know Shannon also know how incredibly humble she is. The show that she has created, from the ground up, is incredibly unique and heart felt. You will be moved by the message, the dancing, and the soul that she has poured into it. Congratulations to all of you involved!" --- Caitlin Hargis